Environmental Monitoring Services

Environmental Monitoring Remote Monitoring Stations

Remote Monitoring Stations

  • Agile, Accurate, Reliable, Integrated Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Maintain compliance and improve awareness
Remote Camera Systems

Remote Camera Systems

  • Standalone & Integrated remote imaging systems
  • Get the birds eye view at your disposal
Environmental Monitoring Remote Data Management

Data Management

  • Fit-for-purpose client or cloud hosted instrument data management solutions
  • Easily access your data when you need it.
Environmental Monitoring System Design

Scope & Design Services

  • Complete scoping, selection and design phase services for your environmental monitoring & control projects.
Environmental Monitoring Field Technician

Build & Installation

  • Quality Assured instrumentation system build and installation services
  • We will build and install all your environmental monitoring system requirements
Environmental Monitoring Maintenance

Maintenance & Support

  • Support for all your instrumentation and data management requirements.
  • Our team of experienced technicians help keep your monitoring systems online & accurate.

Real Time Environmental Monitoring & Control Applications

Surface Water Monitoring

  • Water Quality
  • Level Gauging
  • Automatic Water Sampling
  • Flow & discharge systems (pipes / channels / waterways)
  • Bathymetric surveys

Ground Water Monitoring

  • Water Level & recharge
  • Water Quality
  • Automated Sampling Systems

Air Quality

  • Continuous dust monitoring solutions to regulatory standards
  • Hi-vol and Lo-Vol sampling solutions
  • Continuous monitoring solutions (TEOM, Aerosol Monitors)

Noise Monitoring

  • Real-time Noise Monitoring with Integrated Sound Level Meters

Weather Monitoring

  • Weather Stations
    • Temperature & Relative Humidity
    • Wind Speed & Direction
    • Atmospheric Pressure & Precipitation
    • Solar Radiation & Evapotranspiration
  • Temperature Inversion Systems
  • Rainfall Monitoring

Camera Solutions

  • Fixed Camera systems
  • PTZ Camera systems
  • Remote, solar-charged systems
  • Movement & time based imaging solutions

Control Systems

  • Remotely Operated Release Systems
  • Remotely Actuated / Valve Control Systems

All your environmental monitoring needs.

Talk to us about how we can make your environmental monitoring data easily accessible and manageable.

Environmental Consulting Services

Everything you need for environmental approvals, environmental management and environmental science. We are experts in environmental impact assessments, environmental management plans and environmental legislation.