About Wild Technology

Your partner in environmental data collection & analysis.

About Wild Technology

Your partner in environmental data collection & analysis.

We’re a local Queensland company that values the capabilities of emerging technologies. The advantages our clients experience by having access to their most valuable data when it’s needed invariably results in a competitive advantage on every level.

Our Mission

Here at Wild Technology we understand our client’s needs for reliable, accurate data, real time data, and insightful data management tools.

Our unique understanding of environmental variables, compliance issues, and their impact on your projects equip us to provide you the highest quality of service from scoping to delivery and maintaining your environmental monitoring system requirements.

Our People

We know that quality data is the result of the application of fit-for-purpose monitoring equipment, data management and analysis.

Understanding the requirements of this end-to-end data collection & analysis solution requires specific expertise and that’s why we’ve attracted the best minds in the industry.

Our team is specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients. In fact you could say that we’re heavy on technical expertise, implementation & analysis and light on management overhead.

The Wild Technology Difference

In Depth Knowledge

Not only do we have in depth knowledge of all technical and operational requirements of remote environmental systems (and associated communications and data management solutions) , our affiliation with Wild Environmental means we have a deep understanding of environmental issues and compliance requirements.

Years Of Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in environmental compliance, monitoring & control systems, communications and data management solutions, coupled with the extensive experience of the dedicated environmental professionals of Wild Environmental.

Agile & Reliable

Wild Technology integrates solutions on standard platforms, which enable us to provide agile system design, expansion and integration based on a reliable data collection and communications platform.